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Introduction – Title to Change

Our qualified and trained psychotherapists provide intensive support for our clients. We offer 6 free sessions. Our clients range from children, teenagers and adults and clients are matched to their therapists.


Talking therapies are treatments which provide a safe and confidential space for you to talk to a trained and qualified professional about your issues and concerns, help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and gain a better insight into your self.  Our Psychotherapists are trained in different types of therapy:  CBT, Solution Focussed, Behavioural, Art Therapy, Relationship Counselling, Humanistic, existential, Faith based Counselling and Integrative therapies. Our clients range from children, teenagers and adults and clients are matched to their therapists.

Children and young people

This is a structured support from a trained professional Counsellor. Our role is to help you understand and deal with issues you may be facing. We provide youth counselling, to help improve young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing that are held outside school hours. If needed, we also support families and do provide family Counselling on how to effectively communicate and have healthier relationships. 

School Counselling

We are currently offering our school Counselling in 5 schools, these are weekly counselling using talking therapies, culturally sensitive therapy, CBT techniques, creative work, and play to support pupils who are struggling with a range of issues namely anger, behaviour, anxiety, low self esteem and confidence, self harm, lack of focus, mood swings and family issues. 

Couple Counselling

Relationship counselling (also known as ‘couples counselling’ or ‘marriage counselling’) is an effective form of talking therapy used to resolve issues within an intimate relationship.  Our therapists will help facilitate effective change and bring about a resolution by helping both parties learn how to communicate more effectively and constructively.  We help couples resolve conflict so they can have a healthier relationship. We also have faith based marriage Counsellors available. 

Faith Based Counselling

Islamic counselling is centred in the understanding which incorporates spirituality into the therapeutic process of an individual.  Your therapist will look at your needs and beliefs which are centred in an Islamic understanding of the psyche/soul. Our therapists are trained to deliver effective Counselling interventions with Muslim clients that best support and empower them.

Counselling in a work environment

Empower your workforce to build resilience, ease their anxiety and stress and reach their full potential. Counselling at work is an effective way to solve employee issues, reduce problems and increase productivity.  Our Counsellors will come out to your work environment, schools and businesses to provide confidential support for staff members and teachers.


Most frequent questions and answers

‘Counselling’ and ‘therapy’ are often used to mean the same thing but, generally, counsellors look at specific issues over a short time period, whilst therapists may go ‘deeper’, with treatment typically over a longer period of time.  Book in a call with our therapist and they will give you a call to discuss further.  

Each session will usually last 30-50 minutes depending on your chosen counsellor or psychotherapist. However, this is often flexible and should be discussed with your therapist before attending the first session.

Yes, there will be a fee as per your circumstances.  As we are a charity we offer schemes where you can get free or reduced sessions, depending on your circumstances. 

The services provided by Talk Changes are open to all, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexuality, or age. Talk Changes offers clients the choice of videocall, telephone, or face to face with our walk and talk sessions.

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